About me


I'm a computer scientist and software engineer living in Toronto, Canada.

My daily job brings me in close contact with software based on the LLVM project; as such, any compiler-related topics are of interest to me and you might see me around the LLVM-developers conference. In the April 2019 conference, I had the chance to present a tutorial on LLVM's Intermediate Representation.

As shown by the tutorial above, I enjoy the challenge of creating clean explanations for concepts. Effective communication is something I want to get get better at and it is the biggest reason for this blog to exist. Combined with a passion for helping others understand basic concepts and get better at them, it leads me write to a lot of "introduction to X" type of posts - that's most of the contents of this blog. It's not purely for altruistic reasons though, it helps me learn too.

During my undergrad, I had the chance to compete in ACM's ICPC, a programming contest focused on algorithms. The skill ceiling in that competition is very high, and it's an area I've always wanted to get better at; on my journey to get there, I'll write posts about the interesting problems I come across.

My undergrad thesis was related to the memory access pattern and energy efficiency of certain cryptographic algorithms. During my masters, I ventured into the theory of distributed systems, in the Computer Science department of the University of Toronto. The thesis was published here.

I should mention that I quite enjoy C++ and CMake.